Web App Set Up

The web app is hooked to a sample database. If you want your own copy use the contact us form. Not convinced yet? Read more about this solution below!

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Initial Set Up

Watch the video to go through all of the initial set up instructions. This covers everything you need to know to export the app as it is. For the premium app you need to enable "Storage" in Firebase, simple click the "Storage" option, enable it, and set up your security rules (I used an open database in the video). You can follow the same steps from the video to enable the "Firestore Database" for the "Storage" option. To make customizations, check out our other Appgyver video tutorials!


Optimizing The App

This video is for the Social/Sharing app, but the need to optimize the app and the concepts discussed will be needed for this application as well.


Exporting The App

Watch the video to go through all of the steps to export the web app.


Watch the video to finalize the process!

Uploading/Deploying The App

You might be asking

Why chose a self hosted option?

Your data is YOURS

With us connecting to a database you set up (we can help), all of the tickets and data is yours! If you decide to switch to another provider, or just want to know where your data is... its with you! We can set it up for you, all you do is walk us through what you need.

Easy to use

This is designed to be easy to use. Built using Appgyver, this is a static app that once deployed, should only need an update if you need changes (or there are any major changes to Appgyver or the components they use).

Firebase Storage

Easy to use and they have a free plan. This is a big name provider with many features (It's Google after all).
No need for regular deployments and maintenance!

Static Web App

We can provide the files! Once setup is complete, you can set up your security and we won't have access to anything!

Use Your URL

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