Coffee Canine - An App For Coffee Lovers

We made a quality MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to show others how easy it can be to make an app using Appgyver. For those of you that prefer to have something like this built for you, use the form at the bottom of the page to reach out to see if we can make something to meet your needs.


We rebuilt this app and added various improvements. You can see a video of the new and improved app below, and view the step by step videos on building the old Coffee Canine app below that!

Step By Step Process To Build It

Limitations To The Series

Making The Sign Up Page

Setting Up The Sign In Page

Creating Forum Posts

Finishing Forum Posts

Building More Complex Forums

Using The Appgyver API With Firebase

The New Firebase Connection In Appgyver

Finalizing The App

Uploading Your App To Google Play (Update)

How To Upload Your App To Google Play

Basics To Uploading To The Apple App Store

How To Unpublish Your App From Google Play

Series Overview