What We Can Do... And What We Can't

I reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. This is a general overview so I can be transparent about what I can and can’t offer. This list can be amended at any time, and is not guaranteed to be the most comprehensive list of work I can or can’t do. To make sure I can offer you the final product you are wanting, I need to have a meeting with you to discuss your needs, and I will need a list of requirements (revisions made after development has begun or without approval will not be considered). We use Appgyver to make these apps, Appgyver is a free tool for codeless application development that is available to anyone.

How this works: We will need a confirmation that you understand and accept everything on t his page before we start work. Send a confirmation you agree to the content provided in this page when you order. We start with an introductory conversation (likely through chat) to discuss your requirements. Have a free 15 minute call to discuss your requirements, and create a very basic mock up during the call of what I can offer to show you styling and any limitations. I will send the offer and get the file to you in the agreed upon time frame. Below is not an exhaustive list of what I can or can't provide, which is why we need to meet to discuss your unique needs before setting anything up.


  • Create a login page with sign in and sign up buttons.

  • Implement basic security.

  • Save user specific data and have a user details page.

  • Add a large number of pages.

  • Add workflow automation and pdf generation (using Make.com and craftmypdf.com respectively, these have a free tier but could incur small fees based on usage, see their websites for pricing).

  • Build in file uploads and file sharing (best for PDFs and images, I can't make guarantees for other file types).

  • Have static images (stored in the app) or images pulled from a url (such as stored in your firebase storage).

  • Link pages and have various content (images or buttons) direct users to specific pages.

  • Use Appgyvers web view feature to render a web page in the app.

  • Add data variables so users can send and receive information (text only) to and from Firebase.

  • Offer advice on submitting the app to the Google Play store and Apple app store.

  • Make an app using Appgyver (they use react native) for use in the Apple app store (.ipa file) and Google Play stores (.apk and .aab files) and provide the respective files for submission.


  • Create an app that violates my religious values (I am a Christian), or create an app offering any kind of sexual content, physical violence, hateful or misleading content, or anything else that will require special permissions or requirements in the app stores (or violates their rules).

  • Provide production ready applications for large businesses. These applications are designed for small businesses and likely will not perform as expected with thousands of users, though they would be great for large businesses to use to create Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

  • Guarantee any apps will work for your specific use case. These are built with Appgyver, and this are dependent on Appgyver features and functionality. We will do our best to address issues related to design flaws, but technical issues or bugs with Appgyver components are outside of our control.

  • Add custom app transitions.

  • Add advanced security to the login page or to the app.

  • Set up log in through any platform besides firebase or change the default sign in security rules for firebase.

  • Add forgot password link (alternative option is to have users email you for a reset and you do it in Firebase).

  • Guarantee this app will work on all devices, you will need to do the testing.

  • Can't guarantee acceptance to the app stores (this is up to the respective stores).